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Backpack custom in RFID security brush bag has what function

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-28
RFID security brush make up bag is primarily about the package information security protection, more popular abroad, the domestic market also has a part in his backpack backpack custom chamber of commerce in bag with such function. But relatively speaking, about the backpack RFID domestic anti-theft brush bag use range is not so wide, therefore, a lot of people for RFID shielding materials, function is not particularly understand. Today, Jin Jieqiang manufacturer will give you simple tell me something about the backpack in the custom RFID security brush make up bag has what function, to learn to understand together. Radio frequency identification ( RFID) Is Radio Frequency Identification, the principle for non-contact data communication between reader and tag, achieve the goal of identify the target. And RFID security brush bag refers to using RFID shielding materials made of backpack bags, many are now a backpack inner small bag or purse, receive package volume is relatively small bags, such as using RFID shielding materials of every layer bag, with demagnetization proof, anti electromagnetic radio frequency scanning, and other functions. Most current passport, credit card and id card with the RFID chip, hackers can use reader in 3 meters to steal the sensitive information. If id card, bank card, the items with the RFID chip in the RFID shielding bag, can block the signal, and can effectively defense information stolen, protect the security of the information, funds. Jin Jieqiang customization model RFID security brush bag there are800,000 monographs ▼ in the age of the various high-tech technology, in order to fully protect information security, only the possibility of being stolen from the source to cut off the information, information security can be effectively protected. And choose with RFID security brush bag bag is a very practical and feasible method, Jin Jieqiang has many backpack built-in RFID security brush bag, convenient for the user to provide goods at the same time, can be more effective protection package IC card information, financial security. If you are interested in backpack RFID security features, can be dialing Jin Jieqiang add Jin Jieqiang customer service hotline 4000061690 free or QQ: 2851369895 advisory details.
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