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Backpack custom how to choose the fabric

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-26
Fabric selection is one of the very important step in the process of backpack custom, fabric choice is good or not directly related to the cost budget, the finished product quality, factory reputation, therefore, backpack custom, fabric choice carelessness. Backpack custom, then, how to choose the fabric? Jin Jieqiang introduce relevant content for you, and see it together. 1, according to different backpack backpack design choose the fabric style used by the fabric is not the same, starched backpack is more suitable for starched materials, in this way can make the finished product package type, but such as folding bag to fold and is a soft bag, the applicable fabrics is soft and folding, if custom party didn't know what kind of fabric, your own custom backpack for you consult Jin Jieqiang manufacturers. 2, according to the cost budget to choose numerous types of fabrics on the market all kinds of fabrics, fabrics of the same color because of its density, yarn weaving, such as different, the price is also different, backpack customization determine your budget in advance, manufacturer in time and choose the fabric more direction, better cost control. 3, have a reference sample, should send the sample to reference custom backpack, if you have sample bag, must be provided to the factory, let the factory according to the sample bag to find the fabric. If there is no sample package, be sure to put their own specific requirements description is clear, and the more detailed, the better, so as to reduce the risk of bias. When selecting a custom make up bag fabric, must emphasize the feel, feel is soft fabric is a reflection, the surface is the same fabric, because the thickness is different, make there is a big difference in the appearance, such as soft fabric is made by soft collapse, feel more casual, hard is to support the effect, so it requires that in the process of looking for material should have good purchasing experience, especially for the choice of fabric has a certain familiarity. Backpack custom fabrics choose find Jin Jieqiang don't have to worry about, Jin Jieqiang has more than ten years seniority, experienced professional procurement team, very familiar with backpack customization of all kinds of fabrics, according to customer demand to recommend suitable fabrics, high performance/price ratio, and help customers choose the right fabric.
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