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Backpack custom fabrics choose those things

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-20
Knapsack personalization is continuously rise today, the custom is more and more get the favour of people, each big companies choose custom backpack as corporate gifts. However, want to customize a suitable backpack is not easy, often need a lot of work. Among them, the custom bags fabric choice is very exquisite, today, Jin Jieqiang knapsack custom fabrics choose gave you talk about those things, learn together! If you want to customize a good-looking and durable backpack, first of all have to start from fabric selection. Can customize bags of fabric on the market there are thousands of species, the fabrics of different features is different, the price is also different. In addition, different fabrics to backpack, its scale and use use also is not the same. In general, the fabric should be selected according to the design, use, budget, etc. If you don't know how to choose the fabric, that is about to find a factory by the spectrum, their own requirements and manufacturer details, help manufacturers recommend suitable fabrics, then use the proofing determine the fabrics, see if we can meet the demand of their own. Application range of backpack fabrics, Oxford cloth, for example, according to different degree of fabric yarn thickness ranging from 300 d to 1680 d there are dozens of different types, plus to the functional requirement of the fabric is different, different levels such as waterproof, flame retardant degree, is not the same as the environmental protection standard, etc. , and can be derived from different species. And the same material differs character display weave pattern is completely different, seemingly the same as the fabric is not the same as the actual weave effect is completely different, even the same kind of fabrics of different colors to effect will be a big gap. Therefore, custom backpack, if you have sample make up bag, must be provided to the factory, let the factory according to the sample bag to look for the fabric. If there is no sample package, be sure to put their own specific requirements description is clear, and the more detailed, the better, so as to reduce the risk of bias. Custom bags look Jin Jieqiang, Jin Jieqiang is a collection of bag design, development, processing and custom, independent sales for the integration of luggage manufacturers, to more than 10 years dedicated to backpack custom, computer bags, travel make up bag, rod bags custom tailored to product variety is complete, is the enterprise backpack customized high quality manufacturers! Welcome calls Jin Jieqiang custom factory, contact information is as follows: 4000061690, we are always waiting for you!
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