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Backpack custom can not meet the minimum quantity is what mean

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-21
Many a backpack custom needs of customers in and make up bag manufacturer will be confronted with such a communication problem, that is to say out your own custom number, if it is your own custom number to reach the provisions of the manufacturer, manufacturer can euphemism refused, said custom number can not meet the minimum quantity of words, is not order, this is how to return a responsibility? Backpack custom can not meet the minimum quantity is what mean? Today, Jin Jieqiang small make up about the backpack gave you talk about minimum quantity related issues, to understand understand together. Backpack the provisions of the minimum quantity for most of the manufacturers, are to save costs, you know, the so-called bags custom manufacturers, it is customized according to customer demand for production, and every customer need make up bag style and material is different, to save costs, manufacturers are generally will go to prepare a draft after receiving customer's list, fabrics and accessories procurement, big goods production, etc. , during the process, process is very complicated, even custom quantity is less, but not spend time, energy and other diminishes as the number of, in contrast, the overall production cost is not cost-effective, therefore, if it is a custom quantity is less, the factory take into account the cost of reason, will choose not to receive. In addition, many backpack material purchasing quantity is also have a minimum quantity, if it is short of the corresponding amount, the dealer will not sell, so, if the make up bag manufacturer to buy so many materials, the final use not take so much, but have not formed the inventory cost, the cost of such only manufacturer, so for custom number list of less, manufacturers prefer not to answer the single, lest produce inventory costs. The above is about & other; Backpack custom what meaning is can not meet the minimum quantity & throughout; Introduced, everyone understand? So, before custom backpack, must pay attention to the number of good communication with the factory custom, lest produce needless trouble. Jin Jieqiang is a focus on more than 10 years professional luggage bags OEM and ODM manufacturer, has been committed to luggage products OEM and ODM, provide professional personalized custom services, it can customize according to the requirements of customers design style, change the material or color, control production costs, tailored for the customer in accordance with their own needs bags products!
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