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Backpack correct posture you GET here

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-18
Whether it's backpack or one shoulder aslant make up bag, walking in the street, almost everyone was carrying a bag, a backpack has almost become one of the People's Daily travel essential goods, backpack can bring convenient to travel, but you'll be wary that if backpack posture is not correct, not only will shoulder ache, and even may cause humpback and other bad effects, so the backpack backpack, correct posture to grasp, to listen to how Jin Jieqiang manufacturer said. 1, reduce the shaking inclined shoulder bag or backpack, shoulder straps are shoulds not be too long, otherwise easy to cause excessive shaking. And the right shoulder strap length help stabilize the center of gravity, the muscles of the body will not constantly adjust to changing the center of gravity and eventually because & other; Strain & throughout; And damaged. 2, backpacks position cannot be too low to comfortably backpack bag, the bag cannot too low. Such as the edge of the backpack is best in the position of the pelvis. And inclined shoulder bag is the best in the waist, the location of the backpack on the rim around the pelvis is advisable. 3, it is best not to back out in front of inclined shoulder bag or backpack, from the point of view of health is best not to back out in front. Because the cause of the stress, back in front of the body can be forward, easy to cause & other; Hunchback & throughout; 。 4, regular HuanJian everyone have their own preference for backpack habit, the expert reminds, if using a single shoulder make up bag or inclined shoulder bag must be regularly in the shoulder, so can have the effect of preventing cervical spine and strain. Backpack correct posture, you GET here? If still have what not understand, can ask Jin Jieqiang, we will do what can answer for you. Bags custom, seek Jin Jieqiang manufacturers! Jin Jieqiang since its establishment is in line with dedicated to provide customers with high quality products, reasonable price, accurate delivery and serious and responsible attitude for the purpose, professional custom backpack business bag, computer bag, backpack, leisure bags, purses, cosmetic make up bag, etc. , the product style is novel, quality excellent, price is favorable, wholeheartedly provides the high-quality service for the general customers, welcome the masses of customers at home and abroad to investigate the consultation, total diagram development!
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