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Backpack blocking buckle is what? What are the types?

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-19
Q: what is pack file button? What are the types? Pack a: block and ladder clasp, three button, button four block. Is an indispensable components of the backpack. Often used for tensioning ribbon on top of the make up bag. Such as lower straps in general, with a four clasp, because the buckle has self-locking function, so you can properly adjust the height of the straps. Buckle the same principle, raw material is Nylon or Acetal, basically just appearance or locking system is a little different. Introduce several kinds of commonly used, but also is the typical block. 1, magic eye button ( 邪恶之眼Tensionlock) This buckle under the process side has two holes, this also is the origin of its name. This kind of buckle pull strong, high elastic Angle, the gap and increase the convenience for the thicker ribbon. The lower two holes can be through the 1/8 of an inch of the rope, can wear a noose use gloves. This kind of clasp is widely used in straps with fly connection. Some side of belt is useful this button. 2, the duck mouth buckle ( 鸭嘴兽Tensionlock) The origin of the name, duck mouth buckle is also related to the shape. This kind of block button head refers to according to the part looks like a duck, this design is convenient with their thumb to relax ribbon. 3, standard block button ( 标准Tensionlock) Listen to the name will know this is the most basic standard block button. The head end of the standard deduction is generally flat, this is the biggest difference between the button and duck mouth shape. 4, mo hubby button ( 莫哈韦Tensionlock) Mo hubby is supposed to be a locking technology. Button has the mo hubby. This kind of buckle self-locking ability is very strong. At left is a standard hubby block button. Its shape is similar to standard buckle, mo hubby buckle have certain radian, and each block is thick. Comprehensive high elastic design, make the ribbon release Angle is more excellent than other similar products. In order to facilitate the use of gloves, mo hubby buckle head end products with the hole. In addition, the mo button hubby and replaceable. This button can be convenient to buckle to ribbon, convenient installation repair and replacement.
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