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Back-to-school, your luggage ready

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-02
While, got to the end of the period, this summer is coming in September, the school starts season, especially when the new semester to enter the university student, the university has high hopes, looking forward to the coming of school, the more looking forward to this with a bag entering a college school, then starts this season, your luggage ready? Higher than among early, usually selected schools are closer to home, back-to-school also it won't take too many things, but for entering university students, as a relocation, various objects in everyday life, also need to get the school, after all, university is usually relatively far away from home, can go home once a semester, the items will need to prepare enough, pulling a suitcase, carrying a bag, go to the university said that the road to go go study is open. , here small make up also as a n experienced person art shine, that go to university, also is to pull a suitcase and left, but in fact did not imagine so spacious dorm, six the dormitory of the world, although there is also a special closet, but there are a lot of things can not let go, would face to check dormitory, too many items, put poor, leading to the dormitory health not up to standard, the envy that some students, get the folding bag, and them the suitcases are neck and neck, but when not in use, simple fold, can receive very good, do not take up any place, don't worry about the dormitory dormitory items, more be penalised. Art fine many estimates that never heard of this brand, it belongs to Jin Jieqiang brands, no matter to the airport, or waiting room, or some other place, can always see the figure, this brand has a few product is very good, not only looks cool fashion, the key is to understand your heart, folding to receive up is the size of water bottles, don't take a place. Back-to-school, travelling bag you choose art fine for it, this is also make products tailored for the contemporary young people, the function is all ready, the style is novel, let you no longer entangled with university dormitory how to put the suitcase, a folding bag, can solve your trouble back at home.
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