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Back pockets that teach you seconds fashionistas

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-12-17
Purse today but each fashionistas very favorite fashion sheet is tasted, if you think money can only carry on the waist, then you are out. Today, back pockets Jin Jieqiang manufacturer to teach you, let you by second fashionistas, know to understand together. 1, hanging in the middle of the waist, but in the middle of the waist position of the' target='_blank'>make up bag, must be the classic of classics, the make up bag to be modest, or hang in the middle will be very uncomfortable. Jin Jieqiang for customized style purse there are800,000 monographs ▼ 2, back in the side of the waist is also a good choice. The pious covered surface effect, is like concealed, low-key do not lose fashionable again. 3, the method of directly across this backpack on the shoulders also increased. And most importantly, down is also very convenient. 4, oblique cross in the chest have played an important role in accessories. But this method of wear take note that try not to wear necklace. Key or the parcel. 5, as if to coat on the outside of the coat adds a belt, like this can also improve the waist line, it is very clever. 6, back behind in such cases, however, pockets of belt must choose to have some characteristics, will be more beautiful. Small pockets delicate, simple and portable, travel is a very good helper, whether it's used to dress collocation or gift giving, pockets are a very good choice, if you are interested in pocket gift, welcome dialing Jin Jieqiang official free hotline 4000061690 for details!
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