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Autumn and winter travel backpack custom matters needing attention

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-10
Into the autumn and winter, autumn, many people will choose to outdoor sports, therefore, outdoor travel backpack custom began to slowly became popular. Jin Jieqiang today small make up for this autumn/winter trip gave you talk about what are the precautions for backpack custom, know to understand together. 1, fabric selection is crucial custom luggage had better choose good wear resistance, high toughness of the material. Travel time, often need to climb a mountain wading, if luggage fabrics don't wear resistance and toughness is not high, so very easily torn or weight, embarrassed not to say, the most important thing is can't take away the life in a luggage items, very trouble. Custom luggage had better choose density smaller fabric, this fabric is usually light, help reduce the burden. In addition, the choice of fabric had better have waterproof function, the common saying say it is the unforeseen, so the waterproof function is necessary. 2, travel backpacks with design whether reasonable bearing system is an important part of the hiking backpack, well designed bearing system, can reduce the loss of physical action, slow down the muscle fatigue in the process of outdoor sports. Outdoor backpack with system design should take advantage of the human body mechanics, consider ventilated, facilitating strong gravity transmission, bearing and comfortable. 3, choose custom manufacturer must rely on spectrum outdoor travel make up bag for quality is very good, and a backpack quality machining technology has a direct contact with factory, the factory wonky, designed backpack, craft and so on are is unqualified, so everyone at the time of custom travel backpack, in the early stage of the communication, design, proofing, etc. , to manufacturer several considerations, not so as not to be deceived. Custom luggage Jin Jieqiang custom manufacturer, we are a professional gift make up bag of customized manufacturer, was founded in 2004, and it has excellent design and production team, can provide you with more high quality gift bags custom service!
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