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Attention to figure custom bags

by:Yiqing Luggage     2021-02-04
Bags custom basically can be divided into to figure custom, incoming sample custom, design custom, these three categories to figure custom just as its name implies is to provide pictures or design drawing, then require manufacturers to produce custom according to drawing. Below, Jin Jieqiang small make up said to everyone speaking figure custom bags considerations, to learn to understand together. What kind of figure to figure custom is 1, pay attention to the figure can be classified as pure customization and design custom images, if the customer just provides a pure image, manufacturers in the production of custom before also need to make sure the make up bag size, material, design related details, and so on, these are all need to specific to understand, otherwise, a picture cannot be completely produced by the same package. If the customer provide the design, then, than pure to figure custom slightly simpler, manufacturers and customers just need material, proofing, price, delivery time in detail, such as communication, if no problem, basic can order production. 2, pay attention to the manufacturers choose to figure custom requirements for manufacturers is relatively high, and if the manufacturer without some sort of power, even if the customer provide a complete package design, it also differ custom-made. So, in choosing a factory, the customer will pay attention to choose to have actual strength of manufacturer, China's luggage manufacturer blossom everywhere, everyone in the choice, must polish eyes, avoid choose the unreliable. 3, get ready for work, provide production time reserve enough production time and the time limit for a project, bags custom is a carefully crafted process, to ensure the quality of the products, the best looking for make up bag manufacturers, in advance to bag manufacturer reserve enough production time and the time limit for a project, don't put the delivery date is too tight. If not normal style, the new style in production must be faced during the workers to adapt to the production efficiency is low, all process and procedures need to be established and adaptation, including the new production will be sudden problems also need time to deal with, objectively speaking is often the time limit for a project on these problems result in the error and continue. Personalized bags custom, please look for the Jin Jieqiang. Jin Jieqiang mainly produces digital bag, camera bag, briefcase, computer make up bag, heat preservation bags, rod bags, mountaineering bags, luggage, handbags, business bags, tool kit, wallets, backpacks, school bags, cosmetic bag, etc. , is committed to providing considerate high-quality OEM processing, to map processing, sample processing, design, customization and other services, the company adhering to the & other The good faith management, serves attentively & throughout; The idea, to focus on more than 10 years the personalized bags custom, reputation guarantee!
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