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At the end of backpack custom what factors will affect the price of the custom

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-11-11
At the end of the year is the busy season, backpack custom industry at this time due to the increase in market demand, combined with other factors, the influence of backpack to customize the price also will be floating, so, at the end of backpack custom what factors will affect the price of the custom? Take a look at Jin Jieqiang manufacturer is how to say! Backpack at the end of custom, under the influence of various factors, backpack custom prices are floating, common factors, which affect the backpack custom price basically has the following kinds: 1, backpacks customize different raw materials at the end of the year, a lot of backpack will custom materials with the increase of market demand and lead to rising prices, and rising raw materials, downstream make up bag manufacturing factory cost will rise and production costs have risen, manufacturers offer up naturally. In fact, most of the time, not manufacturer is going to rise, but under the influence of various factors, manufacturers have to rise in price, otherwise, it is difficult to operate, I believe you can understand. 2, knapsack custom number at the end of the year is customization production peak season, many manufacturers are compared with single row single hand, manufacturers can selectively order at this time, if it is a custom number less, the bad manufacturer production cost control, will choose not to receive. In addition, the backpack is closely related to number of custom custom cost, in general, the more custom, cost control, the greater the prices also fell, and customize the number of less, cost control is very difficult, even sometimes is difficult to find suitable factory orders production. 3, backpack customization artificial cost is different if you are in the backpack custom processing plants in different areas of the asking price, there may be a very big disparity, in different parts of the human, material and so on is not the same price, the wages of coastal areas than in the western region, so the region can cause prices float. At the end of a custom make up bag needs friends, Jin Jieqiang remind everyone here, custom backpack must take the time, so as not to cause the goods time delay due to lack of time but not good. Backpack custom from style, looking for cooperation factory, proofing, orders, big goods production, and so on a series of processes through words, the normal time is ten days half a month, but the end is custom peak, in the case of a manufacturer to row of single more, make the goods time will increase, may be in half a month to a month or so, and if the custom backpack used some of the logo to open mold or process is complicated, the time still have to increase, so, don't delay time, suggest you have a backpack custom needs friends, now you can immediately start backpack custom related matters, to avoid time too late. More bags custom matters, please call our official Jin Jieqiang free hotline 4000061690 for details.
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