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Amazon Singapore station opened your outdoor tourism supplies ready

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-22
Recently, amazon's Singapore station opened, the news, can be said to be from the cross-border electricity industry, many sellers on the new site has been ready, rubbing their hands. The opening of the site can make local consumers by the desktop, mobile browser and amazon APP, can choose and buy products, so as a cross-border electricity sellers you, outdoor tourism supplies ready? Above: amazon's American standing above: amazon Japan stand Singapore market is very potential, and rapid economic development, national digital active economic development, electric dealer market maturity. Singapore in 2018 GDP is about is about 3610. $500 million, according to the 5. 65 million of population, GDP per capita in 2018 was about 6. $40000, according to the exchange rate today for a $1 = 7. RMB 1121, converted into RMB is 455174. 4 yuan, through the income, how much I can see that the market is potential. Foshan Jin Jieqiang brand arts fine tourism supplies co. , LTD, as a source of manufacturers, service amazon already has seven years, supply stability, reasonable price, provide outdoor tourism supplies, receive a suite, receive gifts wholesale services such as custom, support for OEM, ODM, our factory has been ready for you here, that as you, cross-border electricity sellers now ready?
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