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A little trip to receive a red envelope, carrying a full of love

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-23
Lipstick is a lady out necessary cosmetics, is likely to go out no makeup, no thrush, but lipstick is necessary operation on the lips, especially, in front of the pocket is also time to prepare the lipstick. Pockets lipstick also have trouble with lipstick, sometimes in a pocket, a bit not careful, lipstick would somehow disappeared, hundreds of dollars on, lost things, is really very distressed. For the sake of the factors, art fine designed a receive a red envelope, I can give you full love in your life. Small travel to receive a red envelope, modest, just right can be placed three lipstick, and mouth red envelope inside has a small mirror, let you when the lipstick, don't have to go to the bathroom to the mirror lipstick, and there are four kinds of color, white, pink and incarnadine, pearl tin, the four kinds of color, also is the be fond of according to women, and special selection of color, white to give you the holy like princess, pink to your romantic breath, incarnadine give you concise simple sense, tin pearl jewelry to you type of showily, let you carrying a red envelope, felt it in details give you full care.
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