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2019 shenzhen new travel backpack ODM win in word of mouth

by:Yiqing Luggage     2020-10-26
Business have embraced a word: jinbei silver cup as the customer's word-of-mouth, only what the customer as their own things to do, want to customers think, do what customers do, also won the customer word of mouth, especially in the processing for clients in 2019 when the new travel backpack, also known as ODM, you need through our professional technology and excellent service to impress customers, win public praise. ODM for the personage inside course of study, is to understand, but for just into the line, do not know what is the ODM, here, to popularize the first ODM is English the Original Design Manufacturer, literal translation is 'Original Design Manufacturer', according to the baidu encyclopedia explains, is refers to a Manufacturer to Design a product, in some cases may be targeted by other enterprises, with the brand name for production, or modify a little bit about the Design to production. Undertake design and manufacturing business of manufacturers, known as ODM manufacturer, the production of products is the ODM products. Foshan Jin Jieqiang brand art acrylic, can be said to be a genuine ODM manufacturer, was founded in 2012 in the brand, to open my own factory in 2017, is a set design and production into an organic whole, and the founder of the brand is the company's chief designer, and because of that, we have this with other manufacturers for the product will be different understanding, founder of love traveling, prefer to get some good fashion trends both at home and abroad, combined with their own design ideas, the show for the understanding of fashion with the product, can through the products under the brand, also can see the real ability to ODM manufacturer. Small make up summary: 2019 foshan new travel backpack ODM and OEM, choose of ODM manufacturer, to polish my eyes, to undertake ODM is the essence of design and manufacturing business, transfer customer satisfaction of products, product quality, also related to the level of the ability of manufacturers, select art acrylic, is trustworthy.
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